A Techy UIUX Designer. Crafting Intuitive UIs

I’m Hina, I design visually captivating user interfaces for Web and Apps. My approach blends creativity with a deep understanding of user behavior, ensuring that every interface I design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly. 

“Hina design skills are like magic—she transformed my online presence, giving my business a whole new direction”

Jenny Wassell, USA

My Proficiency

Strategic Blueprint

Creation of buyer personas, compelling stories, and detailed workflow diagrams, guiding your audience through a purposeful journey with easy to navigate Wireframes

Low-High Fidelity Wireframe

Hina can craft tailored visual wireframes that represents the skeletal framework of a web, application, or other digital interface to communicate the basic idea

UI Design with Figma

Designing Low-fidelity wireframes to high end user experience wireframes for web and mobile interfaces with interactive prototyping and usability testing

Seamless Communication

Hina can communicate with stakeholders and team members through channels such as Slack, and seamless audio or video meetings with efficient exchange of ideas

Proficient with Project Management Tool (Jera)

Hina skillfully navigates project management using Jira, ensuring fruitful collaboration. With a keen eye on both market and design trends, she stays ahead of the curve

Portfolio and Case Studies

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